Providing the tools to create a comprehensive multifunctional platform for Bands and DJs

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Upload your bio, music, videos, photos, news, shows, logo, database, contact info and jpg's and sell all your stuff from the handy control panel; choose from one of the templates provided or upload your own backgrounds.


With the click of a button publish your website and dynamically generate your custom Facebook App, EPK, iPhone and Android Apps; use the url we provide or use the website masking feature so that you may continue using your current domain name.


Update your profile to populate your EPK, Facebook and Mobile apps; Utilize the database builder and create a powerful marketing campaign, use the geo-targeting functionality to promote shows and blog to instantaneously populate your social media feeds.


Connect with fans giving them a reason to buy from your very own e-commerce store. Sell not only digital files but physical goods (CDs, LPs, t-shirts . . . any merch you have) as well! You set the price, offer bundling choices + an option to link directly to iTunes.


Works on any device

Technical skills required: copy and paste, upload media files and enter metadata (no HTML or coding skills required, no need for expensive webmasters, coders and designers).

The analytics dashboard provides tangible results in connecting with fans; increase your traffic, decipher their geographic location, measure sales and conversions.

Supported Technologies

Mobile Apps for Bands & DJs

choose or design your own

Our goal is to assist Bands, Artists and DJ’s with

music promotion

by providing a vast array of tools for fan engagement.

ArtistEcard will save you time and money giving you the ability to control your own content with the powerful Admin Tools we provide, as well as give you resources from other

music promotion sites


  • Video Production

    Video Production

    The biggest bands on the planet have Video Presentations to promote new releases. Now you can have one too! Simply upload the content and our guys do the editing and add the graphics. Promote a new release or create a video of your EPK for talent buyers and booking agents

  • Mobile Apps Builder

    Mobile Apps Builder

    Enhance your brand with a custom App! No developer or coding required; we incurred the R&D costs and pass the savings on to you. Comprehensive, convenient, customizable content across iOS and Android.

  • Facebook App Builder

    Facebook App Builder

    It's no secret that Social Networking is a key component in connecting with fans - and Facebook may be the definitive social marketing portal. Distinguish your Facebook page with a custom stylish media player - automatically updated when you edit content in the dashboard

  • Fan Builder

    Fan Builder

    Connecting With Fans (creates a) = A Reason To Buy. Drive traffic, to build a list (database), to engage your fans, to make a profit ($). Fan Builder - an essential tool in Fan Engagement!

  • EPK/HTML5 Builder

    EPK/HTML5 Builder

    Create a totally unique custom design. Stylishly delivered in a cost-effective fashion to assist you in promoting a show, getting more gigs.

  • Social Connect

    Social Connect

    Post all news and announcements on your EPK and make them available on all social networks. Just one-button click allows sharing Updates with your Fans on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social websites. The fastest way to keep your subscribers up to date with the latest events.

  • Store Builder

    Store Builder

    Sell physical, digital or virtual goods. Ship us the physical stuff and once received - begin selling worldwide. Analyze your sales 24/7, track marketing initiatives to sales conversions, offer discounts, coupon codes and bundling options. No set-up fees.

  • Digital Distribution

    Digital Distribution

    Selling your music worldwide with ArtistEcard begins with a simple signup process. You will be asked if you want to sell a single or album and whether you want standard ArtistEcard distribution or ArtistEcard Pro (which includes worldwide royalty collection for songwriters).

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